The MOST POWERFUL Bioactive Cabin Air Filter
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Is the car interior (really) a healthy space?

Few people are wondering what really happens inside the car related to what get into the vehicle from the air conditioning vents.

The high speed air that enters the vehicle, carries millions of pathogens, including infectious and toxic molds bacilli. Most people underestimate the impact of such air attack which may, in extreme cases, transform the interior of the vehicle in a comfortable breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

That’s why it is fundamental to use a high-quality cabin air filter, able to stop and trap pathogenic agents in an arid and hostile environment.

That’s why 3Active cabin filter’s are strictly recommended.

a Triple Action Cabin Filter

Air Top Italia, a 100% “Made in Italy” company, leader in cabin air filtration, has realised a new bio-barrier, a totally natural membrane capable of blocking 99% of pathogens through the ventilation system, preventing their proliferation and isolating them in a hostile environment.

It is the new 3Active cabin filter that, thanks to the highly porous activated carbon, functions as a barrier against harmful gases and allergens,protecting the respiratory system and ensuring a peaceful and pleasant guide to all people suffering from seasonal allergies.

a Fiber that Captures

The reason behind the high-performance of 3Active cabin air filters is the NON WOVEN FRESH, the innovative non-woven totally chemical-free, made up of viscose fibers, cellulose and polyester, coated with a derived poliammidoammine that gives the structure a positive charge, capable of attracting the bacterial membrane.

This way pathogens are stopped and do not find good conditions for their development, letting the filter in an optimal status, helping the cleaning and the healthiness of the interior of the vehicle.

it blocks tens of species of molds and bacteria

Cabin air filters have a definite protective purpose, but they must be properly and constantly replaced. If you do not replace them frequently, filters accumulate fine dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria and fungus ready to get into the vehicle causing unpleasant surprises: from common flu to dangerous forms of salmonellosis, even up to Legionella!

That’s the importance of a cabin air filter; that’s why among the various types of filters you should choose 3Active, the most powerful and complete.

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