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AIR TOP ITALIA is a 100% made in Italy company, something you can sense in the quality of our workmanship, the continuing desire to carry out research and experimentation, but especially in the way we welcome guests which transforms our offices into a place in which visitors can build human and commercial relationships.



Holding Parts

Recently AIR TOP ITALIA has become part of Holding Parts Group, a new large reality operating in the Automotive Aftermarket that concentrates successful Italian companies with a great international vocation; a new challenge that will lead to the growth of AIR TOP ITALIA and a further improvement of an already consolidated production, logistic, commercial and distribution model.

Holding Parts aims at aggregating Italian excellences operating in the spare parts supply chain for the automotive sector dedicated to cars, heavy vehicles and agriculture, with the objective of becoming a reference point in the long term to exploit the significant growth potential through the various synergies resulting from the aggregation of different production and distribution realities, both nationally and internationally.

Holding Parts is the brainchild of Holding Industriale SpA (Hind) together with RGR&CO. (an expression of the current management) and a Club Deal composed of Italian and international entrepreneurs.

Holding Parts


  • Establishment
    AIR TOP ITALIA began in Soliera (MO) in the heart of the Italian "Motor Valley" and immediately gained a dominant position in the air filtration maket.
  • New Markets
    The wide range, the quality of materials, the versatility and performance of AIR TOP filters helped the company to move rapidly towards Europa and Asia.
  • New offices
    Increasing production requirements resulted in significant structural extensions and in a new plant that eventually led the company to occupy an area of over 15,000 square metres.
  • ISO 9001 Certification
    AIR TOP ITALIA obtains ISO 9001 quality management system certification.



  • PANCLEAN acquisition
    The arrival of the Panclean brand was the breakthrough that enabled the company to diversify and move strongly into the world of cabin filter production for agricultural and construction equipment.
  • TecDoc certification
    AIR TOP ITALIA obtains qualification as Certified Data Provider for TecDoc electronic catalogue.


    TecDoc Certified Data Provider

  • New Management
    AIR TOP ITALIA was taken over by a holding company ( HIND ) together with a group of entrepreneurs, entrusted to the new CEO Gaetano Riccio and General Manager Marco Giroldi, two well-known Italian aftermarket professionals.
  • TecDoc Certification Upgrade
    AIR TOP ITALIA reaches the top of the certification ladder for the TecDoc electronic catalog passing from the Data Supplier qualification to Premier Data Supplier.


    TecDoc Premier Data Supplier


    «Meets all our Certified Data Supplier criteria and other significantly more stringent content requirements. KPIs also encompass aspects of product content.»


La sede
La sede

Competitive Edge

Quality Standards

  • The certainty of a responsible partner

    We work with with leading suppliers so as to always select high performance raw materials.

  • Made in Italy
    as a status quo

    Tradition, dedication, quality, innovation and excellence are our "MADE IN ITALY".

    Our unique way of being, thinking and doing.

100% Guarantee

  • Maximum capacity filtering

    Our filters meet the needs of our customers ensuring maximum filter performance in all working conditions.


    The cabin filters manufactured and sold are equivalent to original quality and safeguard the warranty for workshops during repair and maintenance of vehicles.


  • Faithful
    to its mission

    AIR TOP ITALIA, true to its mission of protecting the health of motorists, has developed products and services with significant technological supremacy.