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For over thirty years the brand that has dominated the cabin filter sector for agricultural and construction equipment


Today, just like yesterday, Panclean is the market benchmark for OE, OES and IAM cabin air filters.

Synonymous for excellence in both the careful raw materials selection and constant technological innovation, Panclean offers solutions suitable for all working conditions. Endless research and continuous experiments support the trust and recognition attributed not only by end users but also by the world's leading manufacturers of professional machinery.

The daily update of this wide and varied range is the dominant character of an unprecedented success.

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This certified cabin air filter, developed by the Air Top Italia team, fully meets and exceeds the minimum requirements of the EN 15695-2:2009 standard. Protection against dust, protection against aerosols and protection against vapors are guaranteed values in addition to being an indisputable signal of passionate research activity.

The mere presence of an activated carbon filter is not enough to ensure compliance with EN 15695:2009. The standard in fact describes a multi-layer filter which, in addition to having to ensure the passage of all air from the outside through the filter, must also provide a perfect seal for the filter itself. Therefore, only the combination of multiple factors, including the absolute quality and effectiveness of raw materials coupled with innovative technology provides a barrier against the penetration of particles inside the cabin, thus satisfying the strict parameters listed in EN 15695-2:2009.

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